Ambient Luminaires

For natural, flat, ambient lighting needs, Revolution Lighting recommends using our LED Ambient Luminaires. These fixtures are ideal for commercial applications, retail, big-box stores, schools and universities, offices, hospitals and nursing facilities and other settings.

About Ambient Luminaires

Ambient vs. Other Types of Lighting

There are four main types of interior lighting: task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting and ambient lighting.

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Task Lighting provides concentrated light to maximize visibility for reading, writing, or assembling. A table lamp that makes reading easier is task lighting.

Like task lighting, accent lighting is concentrated lighting but with a different intent. Accent lighting is designed and installed to draw attention to a focal point such as a PAR Lamp that accentuates a piece of artwork on a wall.

Decorative lighting is meant contribute to the style and atmosphere within a space. The primary function of chandeliers and wall sconces, for example, is to provide decoration rather than to emit light.

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Unlike the aforementioned lighting categories, ambient lighting has a broader objective. Lighting designers use ambient lighting to support general visibility and orientation, and to make a room’s lighting as natural and even as possible. Ambient light does not produce harsh glare, and is considered natural light. The goal of ambient light is to be fully present, but not dramatic or overtly noticeable.

Our LED Ambient Luminaires

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Revolution Lighting’s LED Ambient Luminaires are designed to be an excellent source of natural-looking room lighting. Depending on the particular room, lighting needs, and style preferences, our LED Ambient Luminaires can be installed in three ways: suspension-mount, surface-mount, or as recessed fixtures.

Revolution Lighting proudly offers LED Ambient Luminaires in multiple CCTs to meet your design and lighting needs. Our LED Ambient Luminaires will reduce your energy by as much as 50% compared to similar fluorescent lamps while providing three times longer lamp life for a wide range of commercial applications – from big-box stores to offices and schools.