儿子与情人在线观看完整版Vapor-Tight LED fixtures provide superior lighting, while reducing operating and maintenance costs. With tamper-proof housing and low-glare optics, these fixtures have been designed to provide exceptionally uniform illumination for high visibility and added security. Ideal for wet or harsh interior/exterior environments, the shock- and vibration-resistant fixtures are UL-listed, for either wall- or ceiling-mounted installations.

About LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

What are LED Vapor Tights?

儿子与情人在线观看完整版LED Vapor Tights are linear LED luminaires that are typically mounted to interior walls and ceilings, although exterior applications are also possible.

Most LED Vapor Tights are completely sealed to protect from water and dust, although the amount of water resistance varies with each design and specific application. For a detailed explanation of how vapor tight dust and moisture resistance is rated, read the the content section immediately below this one.

LED Vapor Tight Applications

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Applications of LED Vapor Tights include machine and wood shops, gymnasiums, hallways, auto garages, food-processing areas, or anywhere a fixture must be able to resist splashing, dust, minor impacts, or regular cleanings.

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Revolution Lighting’s LED Vapor Tights offer a 50% energy savings over comparable fluorescent fixtures, while also delivering a a far superior quality of light.

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Unlike the fluorescent fixtures they replace, Revolution Lighting’s LED Vapor Tights are virtually impervious to shock, vibration, and can even withstand multiple impacts. Since LED vapor tights are not made of glass, they don’t shatter, and there’s no mercury clean-up.

Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings of LED Vapor Tights

LED Vapor Tights are designed to resist the incursion (or ingress) of both particulate and moisture. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) sets the standard for International Protection (IP), which classifies the degree of protection of a product against particulate and moisture. There are two aspects of the rating to understand. We’ll break down this example rating: IP-65

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Here’s what the first number in an IP rating (“6” in the above example) means:

  • References the fixture’s level of protection from particles, wires, dirt, or fingers
  • Means the fixture is completely sealed from dust, dirt, wires, or other particulate
  • Any LED Vapor Tight should have a “6” in the first digit of its IP rating

Here’s what the second number in an IP rating: (“5” in the above example) means:

  • Denotes the level of resistance to water
  • Numbers from “0” to “6” indicate resistance to spraying water
  • Numbers from “7” to “8” indicate resistance to submersion
  • “5” means that the vapor tight is resistant to wash-down from low- to medium-pressure water hoses from any direction.

儿子与情人在线观看完整版Therefore, a rating of IP-65 means the fixture is completely sealed from dust, dirt, wires and other particulate, and is resistant to wash-down from low- to medium-pressure water hoses from any direction.