Lighting Controls

Lighting control platforms have traditionally been overly complicated to implement, maintain and use. Until now, companies are often beholden to the platform providers’ highly proprietary systems for the life of the building which makes it difficult and cost prohibitive to expand a system.

儿子与情人在线观看完整版rNET offers a simple, open standard approach to lighting controls, making it much easier to design and implement systems that are custom tailored to your needs, both now and in the future, as you replace and upgrade fixtures in your facilities.

About rNET Lighting Controls


We’ve simplified lighting controls for everyone.

  • Lighting designers, installers, building manages, and users now have it easier than ever
  • Commissioning only takes minutes
  • Intuitive wall stations, desktop and mobile web interfaces are easier to use
  • Makes it easy to comply with even the strictest state regulations, both now and in the future


rNet is the most open lighting control platform on the planet.

  • Works as a wired system, wireless, or both
  • Uses open-standard communication protocols and it works with virtually any other system
  • Allow much greater choices in hardware configuration, creating significant cost-saving opportunities
  • Unprecedented level of control in system design/configuration enables the highest degree of security
  • Offers a range of capabilities to meet specific needs of a facility from a simple single room, solution to a robust Internet of Things (IoT) solution that spans many buildings around the world


rNet scales gracefully with your needs over time.

  • Seamlessly and economically expand and add capabilities over time as you replace and upgrade fixtures
  • rNET’s simple platform allows installers to commission the lighting controls during the construction process instead of after everything is installed
  • The system easily adapts to your building’s evolving needs
  • Web-based solution eliminates the problem of forward and backward compatibility and is agnostic to hardware thus supporting future hardware upgrades and replacements
  • System is continuously maintained and improved in the back ground so rNet is always up-to-date
  • Solution is data rich and accessible from anywhere


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rNET is comprised of four main categories of components, that you combine to create your tailored solution.
Revolution Lighting rNET Architecture